Head East brand identity

📍London, UK. When heading East, we find indie stores, casual-and-boho restaurants, and its iconic all-graffitied walls. Inhabited mainly by young artists and designers, Head East is a new flagship brand promoting the East of England. Its inaugural campaign celebrates arts, culture, and heritage. The Click is the creative agency behind Head East’s identity.

Firstly, creatives thought of a name. Short, memorable, and assertive – ‘Head East’ is meant to be more than just a brand name. It becomes a compelling call to action. We’re fascinated by the clever and bold move designers took regarding the naming. It really resonates.
Providing a bold, iconic and functional design system, this brand incorporates traditional wayfinding symbolism, directing people eastwards to discover everything the East of England has to offer – the bewildering arts, timeless heritage, and cultural wonders.
The brand marque comes to life in the application, offering modularity and flexibility – accommodating dynamic imagery, attention-grabbing copy, and crucial calls to action. From online ads to social media assets – the Head East design system offers infinite opportunities to deliver specific messages, tailored promotions, and, above all else, the ability to have fun and be creative with the brand voice.

An overall stunning work from the designers, they certainly understood and lived London’s Eastside and came up with an urban visual identity. Likewise, the brand’s name is just ingenious. From concerts to comedians, literature to landscapes and palaces to puppeteers – whatever you’re into, Head East.


Credits: The Click

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