Today’s design post is related to editorial, once again. As the name proposes, Grafikmagazin initiated by Tobias Holzmann (and his former colleagues from the predecessor publication novum) is a print magazine focussing on all things graphic design. Primarily, it’s aimed at professional creatives and design students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. The intriguing factor? Grafikmagazin’s 03.21 edition consists of a total black print over a colored paper.

Every two months, Grafikmagazin presents outstanding work from the fields of graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, design theory, research, paper, and printing. And for this edition, they went for “an all-round color cut in deep black” to calling out our attention. The UV technology used for the printing process allows today a wide variety of possibilities.

Also, the paper choice was a bold move. Perigraphica was the one chosen is the one that provides this issue’s cover color. It has a heavier perception, making it look like a pad or a heavier object. As maters in the printing fields, they chose an illustration worth printing with this technique. The illustration’s theme? “What’s cooking?”. With a hefty punk aesthetic, SOGO boards the brief with humor and a sharp pen to this culinary edition. On both front and cover, we can appreciate SOGO’s style is character-bases. As the magazine’s issue was food-themed, they created sausage, fish, pig, and beet characters. If you zoom in, you may appreciate the 3D thin-lined details which make this graphic-printed composition stunning.

Special thanks to: Tobias Holzmann (Art Director), Christine Moosmann (Editor-in-Chief), Christian Meier (Managing Director & Marketing), Sonja Pham (Deputy Editor-in-Chief).


Credits: Grafikmagazin

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