GoT Concept Candles

Back in 2019, most specifically April 14th, the world stopped for the Game of Thrones’ first episode of the finale season. Many of us gathered with friends and had dinner together while watching all seven episodes. Halfway through, we couldn’t understand how things would sort out in the last three episodes. Inspired by the whole series, Nirakaar Consulting created 4 Meridian. 

Nirakaar team designed 4 Meridian brand, which sells handcrafted, scented candles. They aimed to create an atmosphere and uplifting the spirit. Creatives linked the cities of Winterfell, the Island of Naath, High Gardens, and the Vale of Arryn with the four seasons of the year according to their aesthetic. They organized the boxes starting, of course, with winter.
The consulting studio came up with a clean and modern design for the candles’ boxes. It’s important to mention that this is a concept project. The color palette features some bright tones, characteristic of each season. However, they bring a formal and elegant feel. Also, designers chose an all-caps font to complete this typographic packaging. For the renders, they chose a very trendy presentation with an isometric box arrangement. 

Winter is coming; are you planning to lit some scented candles for the holiday season? We love 4 Meridian’s overall minimal aesthetic. Nirakaar studio crafted a beautiful concept design. 


Credits: Nirakaar Consulting

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