Busaba Branding

Paul Belford Ltd designed Busaba Branding. The agency created the new logo for Busaba in rebrand to mark Thai restaurant group’s 20th birthday. Their rebrand for Busaba is rich in meaning, reflecting the Thai restaurant group’s founding Buddhist philosophy. Their new logo represents a flower, alluding to the fact that ‘Busaba’ can mean ‘flower’ in Thai. It also references the shape of the gerbera flowers that greet guests in every restaurant. These symbolise impermanence and serve as reminder to live in the present moment.

The petals of the flower logo are heart-shaped, drawing on two of the important philosophies that inform Busaba’s culture: ‘sookjai’ and ‘namjai’. ‘Sookjai’, meaning ‘happy heart’, has similarities to the Western idea of mindfulness. Meanwhile the principle of ‘namjai’, or ‘water of the heart’, encourages taking pleasure in acts of hospitality.

They also introduced a library of patterns that draw inspiration and colours from Busaba’s vibrant sauces, visualising the harmonious mix of flavours in Thai cuisine. These are bespoke marbled papers, produced in collaboration with artist Rachel Maiden. The patterns make a bold graphic impact, helping to create a rich brand language.


Credits: Paul Belford Ltd

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