Abnormal Security Identity

We’re thrilled to showcase A LINE‘s rebrand of Abnormal Security, a revolutionary cybersecurity company using data science to provide total protection from email attacks. Abnormal is the precision human behavior security engine protecting the modern enterprise from email attacks. A LINE worked alongside the Abnormal leadership team to develop a brand strategy, tone of voice, and visual identity that reflected its position as an unconventional technology company.

The branding’s foundation revolves around the idea of precision, something essential in the incredible accuracy of Abnormal’s core technology and its total focus on customers’ needs. Abnormal differentiates through a brand that feels approachable and human. And what’s best to define precision than a grid? It is the base of every imagery, illustration, and iconography design. Plus, the grid also represents the AI inherent in Abnormal’s technology.
For the wordmark and logo, A LINE designers wanted something bold, with a simple representation of Abnormal. The symbol is an abstracted A that uses a triangular outline and acute points designed to represent, once more, Abnormal precision.
For photography and imagery, creatives aimed something balanced, with high approachability and precision. So, they combined portrait photography, environmental photography, and 3D renders. And they added the grid as an overlay to create brand consistency while also representing how technology scans and protects users.

We cannot think of better closure than Doug Laird, CMO, words: “The new brand provides a highly differentiated brand experience for our customers and positions us as the best in class category leader. I’m super pleased with the result!”


Credits: A LINE

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