WineSociety Identity

Premium wine. In a can. As a completely a new brand. From brand equity and identity to packaging and production management, we were able to help launch and position a new-school beverage in an old-school world.
The founder of the WineSociety had a clear mission for her brand—to make wine approachable and convenient by eliminating complexities and intimidation that innately exist in the wine industry. WineSociety employed Hyperquake’s expertise to shift the narrative surrounding the wine industry today, to create and deploy a scalable business, and a brand platform that would support the scope of their projected growth. Over the 6 month project cycle Hyperquake managed the process and the vendors from concept to launch. The result was an optimized brand with a marketable design and insta-worthy narrative that changes the way that drinking wine is perceived.


Credits: Hyperquake, LLC

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