Type Series: Volksans

We are back with our Type Series. Today we are taking a closer look on a super interesting font called “volksans” – designed by Radmir Volk. The main inspiration was the study of the font model, the 1905 standard (Preußische IV 44, document Musterzeichnung IV 44 itself) put into circulation by the Royal Prussian Railways.

Historical font model with modern proportions and functionality. The desire to get a hand-drawn grotesque, in a drawing way, taking into account optical compensation. The font has control over every bend, every point of Bezier, precision of forms, strict grid, modularity and mathematical approach. Each glyph has been designed with perfect precision.
The result is a modular geometric grotesque, optically verified, where the proportions of the letters tend to the same width and are well balanced.

Despite the primitive technical look of the geometric shapes in the font, it was decided to balance the curves using a strict decimal grid in which the bezier points lay, for smoother and more precise curves, but without departing from the geometric base.

First of all, a grid and a geometric base appeared, and the main shape of the letters was created around them. These are the constraints that helped to find exact solutions.

This arbitrary simplification and self-limitation greatly influenced the shape of each individual glyph. Each point of the bezier curve was consciously calibrated and set on a point on the grid.

The result is a font that has all the features of a classic sans-serif.
Without trying to be fashionable, elegant, the font aims to embody such qualities as technical accuracy, practicality, reliability and neutrality, reflecting certain values. The font is equipped with all diacritics, special characters and automated localization.

Minimal contrast of strokes, average pattern of letters without decorative details for typing large text arrays. The individual design of each glyph in a strict grid, with attention to every bezier curve and every bend, allows it to be used for display as well.

Modular, Mechanical, Geometric, Laconic, Static, Strict. With polished shapes

Glyphs: 1044 in total for per weights
Font Styles: 6 weights
OpenType Features: 35 features, 14 stylistic sets
Languages: Extended Latin


Credits: Radmir Volk

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