Taza Flores

Studio JULY designed Taza Flores – a Montreal based wine and tapas bar – established in 2004 – that blends culinary elements from the Spanish-Moroccan culture. The creative intention was to portray establishment and experience, but also the notion of mess, fun and noise – simply being humans sharing food and good times. This idea lead to a blend of hand-drawn logotypes, a seemingly unbalanced yet dynamic type treatment, and hand doodles to illustrate cocktail names from the menu. The “vase” element represents a shape of pottery that is characteristic to the city of Taza, Morocco. It was originally produced and sold in the souk’s of Taza in the early 1900’s – it also creates a parallel with the French expression “prendre un pot”, which means and implies ‘to relax and have a drink’.


Credits: Studio JULY

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