Today we’re showcasing a hypnotic design that brings whimsical vibes to the site. SPEKTRUM 3 is the third compilation by the Hamburg-based record label TAU. Lukas Haider was in charge of its art direction and editorial design. The choice of holographic paper not only shows a beautiful spectrum of colors but connects to the music itself.

Every contributing artist has a different way to be visualized to match the individual song’s mood and artist statements. The cover is printed on a special holographic paper. The spectrum we mentioned before connects to the 16 varied musical tracks or inner pages. Plus, it gives the concept a more dynamic approach, as TAU’s monogram stands out from the silver background. Each magazine includes a personal download code for the compilation that you can redeem at the TAU webshop.
We love the dynamic effect the SPEKTRUM 3 project achieved. And the sensibility with which designers worked to create such a stunning composition. In addition, Lukas created different animated teasers forefront to promote the product before the actual release. He had fun and came up with some cool psychedelic effects in the background, plus the model’s smooth transitions vibing with the music chosen.

An overall on-point design, we love seeing designers experiment with different materials and textures and, above all, enjoying the creative process 🙂

Additional credits
3D design: Vincent Wagner


Credits: Lukas Haider

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