Still Lifes that welcome fall

September arrives and autumn knocks our doors with brown tones and early nights. The arrival of cold weather does not have to bring a gloomy mood! With this cheer idea in mind Annie Domínguez Tenreiro & Mary Urrutia present a serie of 9 photographs for the fourth edition of EME Magazine. These fun still lifes, made up of design objects and decoration products, pretend to wake up our senses and help us to enhance our homes, and make them glow full of optimism.

This sober and elegant serie, was composed with wallpapers, carpets, fabrics and design objects of recognized brands. With all of theses resources we seek to create interesting and harmonious compositions that talk about textures, figurative motifs, lines, patterns and geometry in each editorial fold.


Credits: Annie Domínguez Tenreiro & Mary Urrutia

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