Food that’s every bit as simple as a hunter on a carrot is… wait, what?

The equine industry is at a tipping point. Horses are no longer viewed as mere livestock but instead held in the same regard as other domesticated pets. Unfortunately, most food producers in the category do not reflect this shift. Many are still producing food that contains processed ingredients with little to no nutritional value. And their packaging reflects this.

StableFeed designed by Full Punch isn’t like most food producers. Creating natural foods and supplements with purpose, they are leading the revolution. The new chia supplement packaging harkens back to the good old days when food was made the way mother nature intended: real, simple, natural. Playful product illustrations reflect this bygone era and the wonder and benefit of each ingredient. Each package is a celebration of the expression, “you are what you eat.” Superfoods, for super horses.


Credits: Full Punch

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