Top 10: Wine Bottle Packaging

Are Tuesdays the new Thursdays? Not even close to the weekend, but our mind is already thinking about wine. In the last year, some of us have been drinking a little more often than others. Always responsibly and consciously. So, today's Top 10 is about Wine Bottle design. Featuring some gorgeous projects and some more traditional ones with a twist. All with highly detailed end-to-end presentations.
This curated selection uncorks colorful label designs and stunning presentations. From landscape views, geometrical to organic styles, and sober labels, pun intended, this series has everything! Take this as an invitation to open the bottle of wine at the back of your fridge before scrolling. Cheers 🙂

This is another series from our new Top 10 Series hosted on Mindsparkle Mag featuring the last design trends, including branding, photography, packaging, web and more. Enjoy!

16.06 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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