Top 10: Beauty Brand Identities

We know how important it's to take care of ourselves. That's a message that might sound a bit selfish but, it's true. If you aren't in peace with yourself, how could you be in peace with others? We're not suggesting staring at your reflection in the mirror for hours, only to boost your self-confidence and make it through the day while doing what you love. No, today's about Top 10: Beauty Brand Identities.

Are you excited to see ten of the most inspiring "beauty" branding designs? This week, we bring a wide variety of styles. Some have a Gen Z/ Millenial aesthetic with bright, vibrant colors, and others have a fancier aesthetic. The idea was not only to showcase the packaging of these small products but to illustrate their ecosystems. So, we included some stores or posters images that tell us more about the brand. We're more than happy with the selection we've carefully curated. And some great news, most of the projects featured are brand new in Mindsparkle Mag. Something that keeps surprising us is the skills and trained eyes to design such small labels and add all the information required. We celebrate the diversity of style and believe it's an area where there are no right or wrong concepts for skincare or makeup brand identities.

We're inviting you to take ten minutes, period - for you to do what you love and comfort yourself. For instance, Top 10: Beauty Brand Identities will only take you 1' of that precious time. What are you waiting for? Scroll down 

24.08 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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