Schönbuch Design Furniture

Schönbuch offers creative, functional solutions for interior design with minimal furnishing concepts and pieces that have been manufactured almost entirely in Bavaria, southern Germany. The interior design company combines traditional expertise with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship.

Schönbuch’s hand-picked team of talented designers skilfully utilise materials in innovative ways to create truly unique, contemporary pieces that are not only beautifully designed but practical, high quality and durable.

An unmistakably purist sense of identity is apparent throughout Schönbuch’s collection. They combine practicality with elegant simplicity to create space-saving furniture, thus making way for ‘pure living’.

Simply put, Schönbuch’s designs invite us to ‘feel welcome’.  As stated on their website, their furnishings, fittings and concepts ‘maximise the potential of individually designed spaces and generate entirely new experiences’.

The collection focuses mainly on entrance areas, although their growing collection is exploring other interior areas as well, namely four complementary interior worlds: Entrée, Living, Contract and Accessories.

They elaborate by saying, ‘We develop furnishings and interior accessories that work not only at home but also in offices and commercial premises. They also meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs: well thought-out and suited to requirements, they provide perfect storage and great places to keep small things, making it easy to keep things tidy.’

The collection presented here is the first of a two part series exploring a range of Schönbuch’s beautiful furnishings and accessories around the home. Further projects and designs from Schönbuch can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


Credits: Schönbuch

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