Parellada Branding

Requena Office designed this beautiful branding for Parelleada. La Fonda Europa, the restaurant Sr. Parellada and the Hotel Banys Orientals, belong in their own right to the collective imagination as natural representatives of the gastronomic tradition.

The challenge was to demonstrate these attributes in the three identities individually, but also to address a common universe that identifies, connects and represents the family tradition that unites them. In this way the designers generated a joint speech that could allow visitors to easily relate the three spaces as a whole.

They wanted to start a dialogue between the three brands, through the message, the word, the letter. They are not building a brand or three, but a philosophy, a way to communicate, to cook, to treat the diner, a way of life. For this they didnĀ“t need a logo but a language of their own.


Credits: Requena Office

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