Museum of Freemasonry Rebrand

Repositioning and rebranding for the Museum of Freemasonry, London. Ascend Studio created a modern, open and engaging dialogue with a diverse local and global audience, aimed at ‘demystifying Freemasonry’.

Freemasonry in England is over well over 300 years old. Boasting members from Mozart to Sir Winston Churchill, it has always been shrouded in mystery and deeply misunderstood. From its home inside the United Grand Lodge of England in Covent Garden, The Museum of Freemasonry – part of London’s prestigious Museum Mile group – delivers a unique insight into what is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and misunderstood associations in the world.

To create a more modern, open and engaging dialogue with a diverse global audience of international tourists, day-trippers and Freemasons themselves. The Museum of Freemasonry needed a new brand platform and identity system to promote a new attitude and tone. We worked closed with the museum directors, curators and Freemasons to formulate a new vision for the museum that celebrates Freemasonry in a modern, innovative way.

At the very core of Freemasonry are the principles of geometry and the sentiment of unity. Our design strategy uses this to create an engaging and modern aesthetic by combining the letterforms ‘M.O.F.’ within a monogram. This was developed from layered base geometry, which acts as both a celebration of these principles and forms the basis of the complete graphic identity system that enables the delivery of core messages and reveals significant artefacts; unravelling this fascinating history.

The open-minded, progressive and more deeply engaging museum brand strategy solution is expected to contribute to an increase in visitor numbers for 2019 of over 30%.

The project includes a complete brand strategy, identity system, custom typeface and full brand guidelines.

Written by:
Filip Trine


Credits: Ascend Studio

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