MRBL minimal Apartment

Beautiful minimal apartment by Artem Trigubchak, created for a couple in Russia.

The project MRBL is a minimal apartment designed for a couple and located in Yaroslavl, Russia. Located on the eighteenth floor of a contemporary building the apartment before renovation features only three windows and a complicated floor plan with five separated rooms, two of them were without natural lighting.

Tasked with giving the apartment functional and laconic appearance, the floor plan was completely changed. It turned into a two-room apartment with the open-plan living room and kitchen and separated bedroom. It was designed in such a way that each room could be illuminated by natural light, so that is why master-bathroom is a part of the bedroom, and guest-bathroom is isolated from the living room by glass blocks and light transparent curtains. The finishing of the apartment focuses on using natural and durable materials such as marble, concrete, wood, and metal.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Artem Trigubchak

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