Her store

Clap Studio & Ana Mirats Studio designed Her store. HER is the ambitious project of the stylist Hilary Tsui. Her desire was to create a retail space dedicated to contemporary women bringing together her two passions in one place: fashion and gastronomy. That’s why HER, located in the center of the Fashion Walk of bustling Hong Kong, combines the latest in fashion with a Cafe where clients can rest while they have a special drink from the brand.
We came up with three key points that reflected the essence of HER: femininity, purity and strength. We imagined immediately a sinuous landscape, with impressive mountains and pure materials. The aim of Clap with this store is to transport the user to a new planet so we designed an entire experience around it. From the facade that shows the mountainous landscape of the interior to the moment in which the user receives its purchase vacuum packed, makes shopping at HER as if it was a space trip experience.
HER is an experience that embraces the five senses and transports the user to a new world yet to be discovered. The future is now so welcome to planet HER.


Credits: Clap Studio & Ana Mirats Studio

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