Ferment la Bouche

Creative agency Idea dolls London designed Ferment la Bouche. They took the challenge of positioning a range of fermented sauces, inspired by the ancient middle eastern mango sauce – Amba, for a UK market.

The design for the range was inspired by a ‘through the microscope’ concept, a peek into the unseen wonders of all those gut-loving good bacterium and the element of movement in the almost alchemical fermentation process – bubbling, morphing, changing and moving to turn a raw ingredient into wonderful good-for-your tangy on the tongue fermented sauce. The team wanted to move away from leveraging the middle eastern heritage of the brand which would have detracted from the fermented concept, overshadowing it and labelling it as ‘world food’. Amba is well known in the Middle East and India (where it is more of a chutney). To position this range as something new and different, and in order to allow us to scale up, adding new flavour SKUs or even new ranges, they had to move away from Amba and create a completely new concept.

A conceptual guide of ‘through the microscope’ steered towards a cleaner design, adding splashes of colour to articulate the flavour profile while keeping the illustration classic, almost rustic. We wanted the brand to be subtly rebellious; after all, it’s doing something new. So the brand name ‘ferment la bouche’ offered a simple play on words, leveraging a European cultural feel with a bit of a cheeky kick – just like the sauces.

Siena Dexter – Creative Direction, Copywriting / Catalina Din – Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction / 3D visualisation – Squint Creative


Credits: Idea Dolls

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