Diez Bonilla Brand Identity

‘Díez y Bonilla is a couple of dental surgeons who run anationally and internationally  well known master of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. Given the need to showcase their content to their students in a clear way, Díez y Bonilla asked Relajaelcoco Studio to redesign their visual identity to also reflect their values more effectively and highlight their product.
Apart from the words “Díez & Bonilla”, their old logo contained a graphic element whose intention was representing a screw, a common tool in his work, without being too explicit. The black and white inner circle was intended to represent the concept of duality which characterizes this professional couple.
When we collected these ideas we transformed the graphic element into an even more abstract sign, composed of two basic shapes, the square and the circle, corresponding to Díez and Bonilla. We made the strokes as thick as the stems of the typography we chose to get a more homogeneous and impactful composition.
We defined blue and pink as the two brand main colors, since they mainly deal with teeth and gums and to refer more generally to the medicine sector. As third color we chose a pale yellow as the color of the bones they usually intervene.’


Credits: Relajaelcoco Studio

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