Association of Hungarian Photographers Identity

The Association of Hungarian Photographers is Hungary’s principal photography association, supporting the development of photographic culture in Hungary through prestigious grants and awards. Its brand identity was created by Hungarian designer Réka Neszmélyi, who makes use of a five-tone colour palette across its web and print collateral design.

The use of primarily dark colours of black, dark grey, deep green, blue, and light beige, paired with classic serif typography gives the association a rather serious and formal aesthetic. This compliments the esteemed association’s affinity with disciplines such as Art History, Economics and Sociology.

Its logomark and business cards, however, reveal a more modern side to its identity. Neszmélyi uses the same colour palette to produce geometric shapes that join together to create the symbol of a camera lens. The business cards feature a clean off-white colour, and an emboss effect highlights the the disassembled triangular shapes which create an abstract geometric pattern.   


Credits: Réka Neszmélyi

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