Anna Farkas designed “Anaptár” – a unique, informative poster calendar that is not only a work of beauty but also a source of fascinating new discoveries. It is much more than a traditional ephemeris. The publication provides lots of information besides enumerating days. Visualising data on the sun and the moon in a new way, the calendar shows the movement of these heavenly bodies in the sky, and, because of the radial arrangement, this huge amount of astronomical data is incorporated in a new, spectacular, complex and yet easily comprehensible system.

Thanks to the extremely precise infographic mapping of the calendar data and of the parameters of the orbit of the Moon, and the unique graphic and typographic features, Anaptár offers exciting visual experiences even for those viewers who are usually not captured by details.There have been other calendars with circular designs, but this data visualizing method is unexampled. It literally makes astronomic correlations visible.

Anaptár is the result of exceptionally meticulous work: all the versions made for various cities are different because the represented data are specific to the given city only. For 2021 Anaptár has versions adapted for the geographic locations of Budapest, Berlin, London and New York.


Credits: Anna Farkas

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