Songs and the City

This is a very bold neon art music and typography project by Kae, a designer based in Berlin. Music and typography in motion project where every week she posts one new poster or billboard all around our globe’s capital. New York, Berlin and LA all bow down to the 80s and 90s catchy tunes.

This is how the ‘Songs and the City’ project started. As a weekly Instagram thing. Kae would think of these 80s and 90s hits in the morning and then wait the whole day to come back home in the evening and make them into something visual. Inspired by the cities and the music videos, the designer created these mockups that made people live through the same experience as her. And then she would post it, come back to the office in the morning and find my colleagues sing them through the day together with her. Now they even make suggestions and leave post-its with titles on Kae’s desk.

Written by:
Thiago Santarém


Credits: Kae

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