The Hut

makebardo was engaged in creating an identity for the Hut, a new café that opened on March 2022 in Rahmania Mall, Sharjah. The prime objective was to create a simple, clean brand with an international approach. For the identity, we proposed a minimal aesthetic capable of producing a serene and pleasing atmosphere for customers to enjoy their grab-and-go experience.

The name comes from those isolated places where the Hut gives you that feeling of caring and refuge. It is a structure offering shelter from a city life’s daily craziness where you can take a moment for yourself. Huts are a type of vernacular architecture. They are built with local materials and knowledge, using techniques passed down through the generations. Vernacular buildings are typically practical and straightforward as our brand. Makebardo’s creative team believes that going back to the basics (in every sense) is honest and offers a ‘real experience’ — No pose and durable. Their pictorial mark is simple, a line with bent ends; it is a clear but not typical expression of a Hut. The outcome is fresh and minimal, revealing that you do not need to be loud to get noticed.


Credits: makebardo ­

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