Marbol Casa Design

For over 40 years, Marbol has designed and built high-quality pieces of furniture both at a national and an international level from its base in Mérida, Yucatán. Its defining feature has always been its passion for detail in each and every design and product. After these 40 years, they launched Marbol Casa, a concept of store rooted in a careful selection of original pieces of furniture, works of art, diverse objects and accessories that are destined to bring warmth and color to any apartment, office or house.
Bienal Comunicación designed its branding as an extension of the brand’s architecture they had proposed years ago for Marbol Industria Mueblera, adapted now to a concept of a high-quality store, under the vision that director Eduardo Martínez Bolio impresses on every piece he creates. In this spirit, they designed a brand that aligns with the exquisite taste of Marbol, including a coffee brand: Marbol Café, ready to be savored while visiting this space rich in pieces of furniture, works of art and objects most carefully selected.
Marbol Casa then comes to be a unique store in its style, a live experience of art and design that combines tradition, Nordic and ethnic elements, and always a distinctive passion for detail.


Credits: Bienal Comunicación

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