GAIGAIHAO is a fabric brand and the name comes from the phrase “keep your blanket on”. They named the fabric range after this simple yet warm phrase of care. As the brand’s first product, they have designed several woolen blankets to convey this concept. They called the motive for the collection ‘Dreams Unlimited’. The products are divided into five categories:

1. “Sleep good,& good sleep ”

2. “Planet of good dreams”

3. “Isolation zone”

4.”Take a break ”

5.” Low Power Speed”.

The overall idea revolves around how to “make good dreams”. This includes descriptions of ‘good dreams’ or creating conditions to generate visual messages. A tongue-in-cheek approach to the question “How can I not be disturbed during my work breaks?” With this product, they want to give you a functional warmth and also want you to take care of your sleep.

designer by Changxin lee.


Credits: Changxin lee

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