Top 10: Chocolate Packaging

We couldn’t find a better way to celebrate yesterday’s International Chocolate Day than having a quarter kilo of chocolate ice cream and featuring it as this week's Top Series edition. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? Its discovery happened 600 years ago as we know it today, and scientists have already predicted a future without it *insert panic face emoji*. However, we don’t doubt someone will find a substitution or will make it artificially. Today, we’re showcasing Top 10: Chocolate Packaging.

Such delicate candy with tons of formats, its packaging varies, but the most popular ones are a bar or a box of bonbons. Another interesting fact about chocolate is that it's the only food that immediately melts in contact with the mouth. If this doesn’t happen, it means that the amount of actual chocolate is low, and you’re mostly tasting sugar and butter.
We've carefully curated a selection of both fancy and fun packaging projects. Some offer a stunning graphic design, bold and trendy typographies, and color gradients, 2021's most used trend. One of the projects featured shows an innovative packaging to save the remaining chocolate bar for later. There's a great variety of styles and color palettes, as we always say, that is worth saving for future inspiration.

So, if you hadn't celebrated chocolate's day yesterday, don't doubt buying some today on your way back home. And enjoy this week's Top 10: Chocolate Packaging with a box of bonbons, and guess their flavors. Are you already salivating for the most popular sweet of the entire world? Scroll down to check these beauties.

14.09 2021

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