Paravel – The Trip

Rutger Paulusse and Geert van Hooff were approached to create an animation for Paravel’s foldable bag. The briefing was rather straight forward; create a commercial for online promotion of the bag, which comes in 4 colours. A starting point from client side was a conveyor belt and we wanted some sort of a surreal feel to it, so it wasn’t obviously taking place on an airport per se. We created a couple of environments and full CGI models of the bag to tell the story of this foldable and coloured bag. Even though the deadline was really tight, we ended up with a 30 second animation which the client loved. Client: Paravel Agency: Matthew LeBaron, MUCH Creative Direction: Rutger Paulusse, Geert van Hooff Director: Geert van Hooff CGI: Rutger Paulusse, Geert van Hooff Animation: Geert van Hooff


Credits: Rutger Paulusse & Geert van Hooff

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