NICE4U Packaging

Time for a treat? There are some days when we are hungry 24/7. And this mainly explains because we’re anxious or stressed about something, of course, this depends on every person. Today we’re showcasing NICE4U Packaging design. This project was creatively lead by Han Gao, a graphic designer.

NICE4U is a new wellness product by NICE. Designed to give you a boost of nutrients through tasty functional treats, anytime, anywhere. They know that modern city life is more challenging than ever. And that’s why they are reimagining the future of human wellness, so you can always be at your very best.
Typography-based, this project features a perfectly executed grid design to organize the text all around the box. They offer three flavors with varied supplements, like vitamins, zinc, and iron. To differentiate these, Han Gao thought of a monochrome concept, one color for each gummy type. And if you’re not sure about the benefits of the supplement chosen, there is a short phrase explaining its most important advantage.
On top, the box communicates the number of gummies inside, reminding us of the balls used when playing pool.

This project’s art direction brings a vintage aesthetic, featuring pictures with a warm filter and saturated colors, but in a modern context. We declare N#1 fans of gummies and look forward to tasting these too. Even more, if they are sugar-free 🙂

Han Gao is an individual offering creative direction, branding, web, and graphic design. He has been working internationally with artists, musicians, fashion designers, programmers on various multi-field projects.


Credits: Han Gao

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