Miljours Studio Leather Bags

Miljours Studio, founded in 2017, designs simple yet elegant and classic accessories using eco-friendly leather. The products are marked with its owner’s history and are thought to be suited for everyday life. All Miljours leather goods are created and produced by hand with great care in Montreal in a Slow Made philosophy.

Slow Made encourages designers to take their time to create. It requires research, a thoughtful creation process, the use of sustainable materials, as well as the production of innovative and timeless objects. It’s in the spirit of the slow made movement, taking time to create step by step, that each Miljours product is designed and produced.

With new additions and changes to their collection in addition to a new color worn by the products, they wanted to emphasize on the Miljours heritage. Therefore, they based their photoshoot reflection on this.

This photoshoot is a creative collaboration with:
Art director : Evelyne Morin @morethaneve
Photographer : Béatrice Munn @beatrice.munn


Credits: Miljours Studio, Evelyne Morin & Béatrice Munn

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