Klarna Smooth Scenarios

Snask, Fabrizio Morra & Miguel Dias were in charge of the creative direction, original films and photography for the cutting-edge financial giant Klarna, where “smoooth” banking ushers in a life of unbound leisure. Snask set out to create seven never-seen-before worlds, which would further define Klarna’s recent design leap and speak to the brand’s uniquely “smoooth” transactions. So, under our creative direction, an all-star team was assembled, including the collaborative studio Sing-Sing (our set design soul mates) and Diktator (production heavyweights).

There were some juicy details involved in this work. For this photoshoot, there was a person only assigned to plan and build the machinery robots underneath the electric breakfast. Such a legend. Pure genius. Besides, a lot of the stuff was actually built from scratch. So the chairs in the travel/conveyor belt scene were built from scratch and the maroon suit in the fishing pond livingroom was tailored for that model. Also, the designers forgot to make the floor of the pool before they poured in the water. A little mistake. So they tried to compensate it with a grid but it didn’t look good. Luckily it didn’t destroy the end scene. Not only this, but nothing is made in 3D in case anyone thinks so. Designers had to comb the hairs of the biljard table.


Credits: Snask, Fabrizio Morra & Miguel Dias

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