Giopato Coombes Maehwa

Maehwa Collection – Into the bloom
Each of us has experienced, in our lifetime, a sensation that words cannot grasp. It’s when we hold our breath lost in a whirlwind of events, and, all of the sudden, we perceive an inner calm born from a pure connection with nature. In a park in Seoul, we found ourselves in emotional turmoil for what was happening around us, and suddenly, we remained suspended for a moment. People of all ages, together with us, were turning their heads up to gaze at the plum blossoms, with their open corolla or with small spherical buds still closed, waiting for them to vibrate in the breeze subtle whispers of wonder arose spontaneously. In the Korean language, Maehwa is plum blossom. It’s a delicate word, revealing the unexpected gift of wonder.


Credits: notooSTUDIO srl

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