Comme Aesthetic

YOONA LEE designed Comme Aesthetic. Traditional aesthetic salons tend to exhibit a feminine and calm atmosphere. That is why the new visual identity of Comme Aesthetic is a bold, innovative move towards a unique and gender-neutral concept that offers different customers unlimited freedom to choose the ideal products for their skin and style.

Comme Aesthetic is a friendly yet modern aesthetic salon located in Seoul, Korea.
The designers developed the whole brand identity, focusing on business cards, name tags, charts, fa├žade, jumpsuit uniforms, etc. based on a slogan of ‘It’s not skincare, It’s your style.’ It implies that skincare is a way to present yourself with different ways of style that shows your taste and personality.

They have also created unique versions of C motifs, which reflect various personalities and styles of customers. Also, each motif can be mixed and matched with other mediums to generate a desired style. The motifs express the main keywords: Chill, Chic, Creative, Community, Cool, Charming. They can be used on various applications that either complements the visual system or serves as a point element for business cards, posters, and paper cups.


Credits: YOONA LEE

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