YNL developed a brand identity system that captures Atherton’s differentiated brand value and an application system that can present a unique brand experience based on Atherton’s new definition of high-end housing. YNL redefined the story and brand value of Atherton’s brand name as follows to derive the brand concept and design direction. Atherton provides the experience of prosperity beyond high-end housing. To Atherton, prosperity does not just mean material affluence but also encompasses emotional richness, such as serenity, harmony, balance, and satisfaction. It signifies a substantial lifestyle of enjoying life to the fullest. Atherton raises residential satisfaction and leads life to prosperity and happiness through innovative residential experiences that lead the times and careful space planning in consideration of various lifestyles.

YNL defined Atherton’s brand essence with the slogan BRING A PROSPEROUS LIFE. Based on this, we developed a brand identity embracing Atherton’s essential values. The tall vertical line signifies the residential experience offered by Atherton, which creates a unique lifestyle through various architecture. The broad horizontal line means that the experience of prosperity is widely spread through Atherton’s residential culture. The symbol uses gentle curves to express the affluent life offered by Atherton in a comfortable and elegant mood. Atherton’s logotype, where the modern sensibility of refined straight lines from harmony with the comfort of curves, boldly expresses its confidence as a leading real estate development and consulting company leading residential culture. The graphic motif, developed based on Athertons symbol, captures the value of prosperity that extends to a higher dimension and expresses Atherton’s sophisticated and affluent lifestyle. The graphic motif was developed to convey a uniform brand experience at various customer contact points, considering the scalability and applicability depending on the application template size. The combination of the emerald green, which signifies happiness and valuable time, and the gray, which reflects the modern mood of the building, symbolizes a space Atherton creates with a balance between emotional and functional values. Using a unique emerald color, which is not common among real estate development and consulting companies, we conveyed a differentiated brand image and reinterpreted the companys mission of inviting prosperity into life through residential space in a refined mood. For the title’s typeface, we used a classy sans serif, in a similar mood to the logotype, to convey Atherton’s elegant image. We used a sans serif with excellent readability and a modern feel for the text’s typeface to describe Atherton’s modern refinement.




Credits: YNL design

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