Strava Illustration badges

The fitness app Strava commissioned the creative studio illo to design their 2023 challenge badges: the result? 20 quirky and fun characters, in very dynamic poses, for 12 different sports.

Strava asked illo to create a batch of 20 badge illustrations that would take the app visual experience to a next level. To add to the challenge the creative studio also made 12 color variations for every badge, one for each month of the year, while also keeping the Strava distinct orange in mind. In addition to that, they also created 12 different backgrounds and the in-app layout, making sure that the new badges would fit perfectly.

illo aimed for an iconic, cheerful look and, after the initial round of explorations, they opted together for a character based approach, with a dynamic, quirky side. Enter an entire range of inclusive, genderless and super dynamic characters to accompany Strava users across various sport activities, levels and tiers. As the challenge badges are static within the UI, illo played with exaggerated proportions, super perspectives and emphasized tilts to add movement to the static images. Furthermore, they used some floating elements, like the heads or supersized hands to accentuate their dynamism and free flow even more.

illo is an Italian design studio with a focus on motion design, illustration and set design, aiming for a minimal and colorful aesthetic with clear storytelling. They work both with innovative startups and big companies such as Google, Pinterest, Facebook and Bloomberg.


Credits: illo

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