Motion for good

Motion for good: illo designed a motion video starring bold colors, hyper-geometric patterns and beautiful characters, all to promote good deeds and social commitment.

Imagine a constellation of grant-making support crafted to discover the impactful work of grassroots organizations striving to create a lasting impact globally. illo helped Thousand Currents in articulating their mission across Africa, Asia, and Latin America through a motion video.
Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural visuals, illo’s design focused on patterns that not only mirrored local traditions but seamlessly wove them together a visual ode to unity in diversity.

Starting with Thousand Currents’ brand color palette, illo heightened vibrancy, infusing brilliance and creating a distinct “illo palette.” Proudly declaring this endeavor as Motion Design for a meaningful cause, illo celebrates the fusion of creativity and purpose.


Credits: illo

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