Illo partnered with Publicis Dubai to craft four captivating commercials for McDonalds, spotlighting the convenience of their app for seamless ordering. Through a blend of bold typography and custom music by Fabrizio Martini, Illo brought the “tap” action to life, leading viewers into a surreal world of possibilities.

With smooth transitions and vibrant colors, Illo seamlessly navigated between scenes, infusing each moment with energy and vibrancy. By expanding McDonalds iconic color palette, Illo injected freshness into the visuals while upholding the brand’s identity.

Maintaining consistency with the primary animation structure and color palette, Illo introduced uniqueness through core scenes and product features. The animation style, a fusion of geometry-driven typography and expressive CEL scenes, added depth to the storytelling.

Illo’s strategic approach included crafting commercials in various formats, ensuring accessibility across platforms and languages. With full localizations in English and Arabic, Illo tailored animations to suit different cultural contexts, adapting scenes and typography to follow Arabic reading flow. In addition to the main commercials, Illo supplemented each video with a concise 6-second cut, reinforcing the message of ease and efficiency.


Credits: illo

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