illo worked with Hologram bringing their vision of a connected future (and present!) to life for their participation in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Hologram innovative product provides over the air redundant coverage & updates to IoT devices spanning more than 470 networks in over 200 countries.

In order to showcase this game changing product, illo designed a motion graphics video with a sleek, contemporary Web3 look. Style wise, the project was built in dark mode, with vibrant gradients and rich, colourful visuals standing out against the backdrop.

The creative studio mixed 3D with 2D graphics and introduced collage elements to better represent the various industries Hologram works with. The challenge was to combine these various design elements together in a cohesive, yet unexpected way, and create a distinctive, memorable look for the product. In order to achieve this and better express the lag vs redundancy concepts, along with the ever changing connectivity landscape, illo created an animated grid and focused on a flexible and malleable typography, to reinforce the adaptability feature.


Credits: illo

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