Found Health

illo, motion design studio based in Italy, created a motion video for Found to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Found is not simply a doctor-led weight loss app, but a platform that offers a new lifestyle, providing clinical treatment as well as coaching for issues related to weight care, support, nutrition, and exercise, helping users start and maintain a healthier life.

The journey that Found’s members undertake, as well as the concepts of body and weight loss, are associated with the theme of a flow that can take different forms. Delicate, abstract shapes were used to ensure an inclusive visual representation, and multiple forms were created to depict the diversity of bodies, as there is no right or wrong body.

The video provides enlightening data through simple illustrations and features a vibrant selection of colors, gradients, and shapes to generate an appealing and reassuring environment. The color palette was built around the brand’s deep green shade, adding a couple of contrasting, eye-catching hues and completing it with some more pastel-y tones to match the storytelling tone of voice and music choice.

The main challenge for this project was to represent weight loss in a positive, delicate way while also highlighting the scientific aspects of the program. Illo also wanted to ensure the video inspired a sense of safety and reassurance when talking about every unique weight care journey.



Credits: illo

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