Bloomberg Futures & designed Bloomberg Futures – the new video campaign designed by and automated by, mixing live financial data with data-driven content and human curation for your weekly take on trading Futures!

With Algo being a cloud platform creating real-time, data-driven videos from tailored design templates, it was the perfect match for Bloomberg’s needs to o er a concise (and eye-catching) weekly nancial recap to a broader audience.

Powered by the motion design studio, Algo creates tailored experiences for each project, blending data ow and the mighty power of automation with that quintessential human touch.

The Bloomberg Futures video campaign takes things even a step further tackling this impressive friendship between human creativity and machine precision, and giving data an actual voice. The introduction of customized voiceovers and quotes by a range of nancial experts (written & uploaded on the Algo dashboard) is a stand out feature that really speaks for a project built to resonate.


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