Alibaba Illustration System

illo Creative Studio is thrilled to unveil its latest creation, the Illustration System, a shining example of the studio’s passion for visual storytelling. Inspired by’s iconic Window and Globe branding, illo embarked on a creative journey filled with outlines, dynamic poses, and a whimsical portal concept. This project not only showcases illo’s unique aesthetic approach but also brings a refreshing, informal, and conversational tone to the brand.

This collaboration marks illo’s exciting debut with an Asian client, resulting in a captivating portal where dynamic characters and playful shapes embark on limitless adventures. The project includes hero content and animated mobile UI spot illustrations that inject a sense of liveliness and fun, complemented by static objects and versatile elements that ensure visual coherence.

illo Creative Studio is paving the way for’s global presence, offering valuable guidelines for internal teams and designers worldwide. This project signifies the start of an exciting journey with Asian clients, hinting at many more dynamic collaborations on the horizon.


Credits: illo

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