illo.tv designed Akima. This latest video created by illo.tv in collaboration with Yes& agency tells a story of resilience and native wisdom brought to life in motion design. The Iñupiat people take center stage as shareholders of the Akima companies, navigating the modern world guided by their age-old values.

The characters were essential in telling the story of such enduring people. Designers opted for natural tones and warm textures to complement the strong, personal features of each character’s expression.  Simple shapes outlined the characters’ silhouette and the traditional clothing – less ornate and more suited for the Alaskan winters. While they used textures to enrich the overall look of the clothing, they counterbalanced the lack of details with strong individual traits for each character, leaving their usual minimalistic take behind. The key to an essential, distinctive style emerged after careful research, merging powerful facial expressions with the compelling narrative.



Credits: illo.tv

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