Neulogy Ventures

Studio Echt assignment was to advance the Neulogy Ventures brand into a future decade. They wanted it to look bolder and more exciting, but maintain their image of a fair and competent partner with an Anglo-Saxon flair.

When choosing the identity, they went in a metaphorical direction using a flag and the letter Nto show that, when it comes to Neulogy investments, both the investor and the founder will fight together under one flag. A simple, straightforward and practical metaphor, one we coupled with a bold and confident green colour.

In addition to the new identity, they wanted to showcase important KPIs on the website, highlight the ESG focus of many of the brands investments, and emphasise their social impact.

Credits: Studio Echt, Jakub Ptain, Juraj Poruban, Tomá karba, Ester Nemcová, Michal Chovaák, Jozef Koleják


Credits: Studio Echt

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