Apostle Digital

Get your sunglasses near because this design post will make your eyes pop out! At first sight, and based on what you may read in the title, it seems we’re showcasing a religious project. Far from that, Apostle Digital is a complete video marketing solution agency based in Sydney. These divine guys create kick-ass videos centered on content strategy for today’s digital ecosystem.

Mubien Brands is the creative studio, which led this heavenly project, pun intended. Designers used Gmund Action Electric Blood paper as one of the main components of the visual identity. Its unique neon-red color is what we’d be talking about for hours. Definitely, it’ll stick on your mind for the rest of the day.
All the Apostle Digital aesthetic is there, the serif biblical typography, an intense red, enigmatic symbols with a clerical imprint. The design studio nailed this design brief. They achieved an eye-catchy style that will make you wonder what brings behind it.

The art direction is impeccable; it transports us to a scene from Da Vinci’s Code. Also, the game with light and shadows is exceptional; we’re excited to feature more projects like this one.

Additional credits

Creative Direction: David Mubien
Art Direction: Javier Ochoa, Daniel Iglesias, David Mubien
Model: María Rodríguez
Print Production: Mubien
UI/UX: Javier Ochoa
Motion/3D: Daniel Iglesias
Photography: Víctor Mubien


Credits: Mubien Brands®

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