Top 10: Minimal Food Packaging

Are you already in that phase of life when there's no better plan than going out to have something to eat? Some of us arrive earlier than others, but the fact is that it doesn't matter where you are getting the food from but to taste something delicious. So, for this week's Top Series edition, we're showcasing all kinds of food packagings with a minimal aesthetic. This year, we've witnessed two substantial rebrandings from the two most famous fast food companies worldwide. Their new image has revolutionized social media. We're presenting to you Top 10: Minimal Food Packaging.

After watching such magnates went for bold, clean, and minimal aesthetics in their own way, we believe we were owing to the Mindsparkle community a Top 10 like this one. In this selection, you'll find a wide variety of edibles' outside looks carefully curated for you. Fingers crossed for your food guilty pleasure to be showcased 😉
These packagings involve wrapping paper to pizza boxes with a ruler included and jar labels, among others. We've included some monochromatic projects with delightful typography choices. The styles varied from ones super casual to others super fancy, but all include a powerful identity. There's a wide diversity of aesthetics and color palettes, as we always say, that is worth saving for future inspiration.

So, if you hadn't had lunch yet, you might crave these dishes all through the article. Perhaps, would be better if you look for something to eat before scrolling down or start organizing dinner plans for tonight. And get ready to be amazed by this week's Top 10: Minimal Food Packaging.

21.09 2021

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Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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