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Chances are pretty high you have already heard about Semplice. Dozens of websites have already been featured on Mindsparkle and awarded Site of the day. Yes, you guessed it right: Semplice is a powerful and flexible website (portfolio) builder based on WordPress. Since the team recognized that designers deserve something better than a standard template - Semplice is the fresh new approach most designers were waiting for. Built by designers, for designers. Semplice is not a template but a powerful system. The tool stands for pushing the boundaries, going the extra mile and building with pride.

19.03 2022

The best thing about Semplice is that apart from other website builders there are NO monthly subscription costs, since you only pay once. Semplice offers a range of elegant features made for the modern, independent worker. With the visual content editor, you will view your page live while you're building it.  Every single component can be branded and designed as you wish. This means designers can change the look of every page or project element individually, including navigations.

The recently published Semplice 5  is their latest updated edition and features some nice new updates such as adding custom animations so page elements move on load, scroll, hover or click. The newest edition now also offers a more intuitive experience. The team has refined the CMS and streamlined workflows so you can build lighter, faster, and smarter. With the new Night mode designers can go easy on their eyes and flip the switch if working late. 

Semplice 5 now also has completely redesigned Blocks with fresh, modern presets for your page layouts. With the new Master Blocks option, any changes you make will be applied everywhere you use that block. Some other neat features like Next/Prev navigations have been added as well as advanced portfolio grids.

Semplice's main goal is to give you full flexibility. Semplice 5 is completely self-hosted and you fully own the code & files which sets it apart from other (monthly paid) competitors. You'll have full freedom. If you want to give it a try you can purchase Semplice 5 following this link and get inspired in their curated Showcase section.  

Here are some of our Site of the Day awards made with Semplice 5:


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Credits: Semplice

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