Scenography – Théâtre du Chatelet

What if the music took shape in the Théâtre du Chatelet, its notes becoming visible and palpable. From the vibration of material or virtual objects sound waves unfold in the surrounding space. A game is spontaneously established between gesture and sound. Hitting, scratching, blowing, amplifying, combining: everything binds and spreads.

For the 5th edition of Variations, the Collectif Parenthèse wanted to materialize this vibratory immersion within the Théâtre du Chatelet. The proposed scenography develops like an acoustic echo propagating a sound wave from the stage to the chandelier. The spread of the circles in the air follows the rhythm and shape of the balconies of the great hall on the 4 floors. The lightness of the musical notes dancing in the light is symbolized by clusters of transparent and sparkling balloons.

Composed of 4 large suspended circles, this scenography allows the artist duos to be immersed in their performance while highlighting the architecture of the place. Camera framing is then possible from the balconies, around the stage, in the heart of the installation itself. The balloons are transparent so as not to obstruct the framing of the artists and the architecture while capturing the play of lights and shimmers. The circles are in black pvc tubes to mark the rhythm of the balconies.

© Photos: Hana Ofangel
Artist duos: Para One x Alexandre Tharaud, Rebeka Warrior x Julian Prégardien, The Hacker x Rodolphe Burger, Viken Arman x Michel Portal


Credits: Collectif Parenthèse

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