Quantify Yourself – Editorial

“Quantified Self- Self Knowledge Through Numbers” is a movement which systematically tracks ones own body, behaviour, nutrition and health by means of a digital gadget. ‘Health-apps’, ‘live-tracker’, ‘lifelogging’, ‘selftracker’ and ‘self-hacking’ are all keywords related to this trend. What makes the movement more than just a fad is the fact that “Quantified Self” unites two major social currents of our time: the desire for human perfection with the belief in the blessing of digital technologies. Over four weeks we monitored ourselves in a self-test with exactly those fitness gadgets and apps. By means of this experiment we take a closer look at the two currents, collect data and draw comparisons. We summarize and present our research by splitting it into four main sections (health, time, finances, consumption). Each section has three levels: level no.1: information about the collected data, level no.2: the emerging digitalization and level no.3: a superordinate subject. We support our findings and messages with diagrams, inforgraphics and illustrations. While often being stripped-down they should, in combination with the text, be thought-provoking. Concept, Design, Text: Lucas Hesse & Miriam Jacobi


Credits: Miriam Jacobi

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