One to rule them all – Adobe acquires Figma

Adobe acquires Figma: After remote work exploded in 2020, collaborative online tools became the heroes for every corporate and small business. For design or creative-related jobs, tons of barely known platforms became the light at the end of the tunnel as they understood the importance of working collaboratively and in real-time. Yesterday, Adobe, a major company with the best design tools (at least in our opinion), made a monstrous offer to Figma.  

After several failed attempts to convert Adobe’s programs into a collaborative space, they came up with a bulk 20B dollars proposal for the leading collective company, Figma. What’s coming, according to Adobe, is a new future for creativity workers. With a fully digital experience, incorporating the fun of assisting the office is still alive within Figma’s plugins and highly intuitive interface. Moreover, the way it involves altogether designers, developers, and creators in a unique platform where each can find their more suitable design/ developer language to navigate the tool in real-time.
Released five years ago, Figma made its way to becoming one of the most used software programs within the creative community. Its growth and value have constantly been increasing for the last three years. 

“The combination of Adobe and Figma is transformational and will accelerate our vision for collaborative creativity,” says Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO. As a user and consumer of both tools, do you believe this acquisition will bring the best of both worlds? 


Credits: Mindsparkle Mag

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