Mercabarna Visites Insólites

A communication campaign was designed for Mercabarna — a central market located in the art-full Barcelona by Atipus. Its purpose is to create an experience for the visitor through workshops and games, where the main activity is focused on solving a mystery.
But, how do you solve a mystery? With clues. They played with the graphic language of mystery novels, combined with an art direction focused on accentuating the drama. Therefore, this series of photographs was created to be intrigued and feel immersed in the game. The picture’s lighting is excellent and the background colors make the whole represented scene using the fresh products sold in the market stand out in the city.

This redesign was done under the direction of Atipus — a Barcelona-based graphic design studio founded in 1998. Since then they have been working across a variety of media and fields, ranging from brand identity to packaging or web services. They believe in a conceptual, creative, simple design.

Additional credits
Still Life Photography Marçal Vaquer
Set design Josefina Sierra
Photo retouch A. F. PhotoLab
Outdoor Photography Enric Badrinas
Studio Photography Javi Suárez


Credits: Atipus

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